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Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Gongs

For the production of the Meinl Sonic Energy Chakra Gongs the calculation of Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist who discovered the natural law of the cosmic octave, is used. This calculation allows the gongs to be tuned to a specific frequency.

The Chakra Gongs from Meinl Sonic Energy are handmade by the gong makers in order to guarantee the highest possible sound sensitivity in every playing situation. Their mystical sound is created by hours of extensive processing of the metal and is very atmospheric and relaxing.

What are Chakras?

Chakras originate from the Tantric traditions that developed in ancient India. They are focal points for meditation within the human body, which are visualized as structures of energy resembling discs or flowers located where the energy channels (also known as meridians) converge.

These energetic centers are located along the spine. Everybody has them. They can be thought of as rapidly rotating wheels, which is why they are also called energy wheels.

If the flow of energy is interrupted or obstructed, it is called a blockage, which can reinforce feelings of anxiety and separateness. In order to remove these blockages, an attempt is made to stimulate the respective chakra, using various therapeutic approaches.

The meaning of the seven Chakras

There are seven main Chakras, which are located along the spine and radiate energy. These energies have different frequencies and therefore different color and sound spectra.

Root Chakra

Word: I have
Color: Red
Location: Pelvic floor
Balanced Chakra:
With a balanced root chakra, the body and psyche are highly energized and activated with life energy.


Sacral Chakra

Word: I feel
Color: Orange
Location: Region below belly button
Balanced Chakra:
When this chakra is in balance, open communication, warmth, feeling, awareness of sexual and heart energy are encouraged.


Navel Chakra

Word: I can
Color: Yellow
Location: Solar plexus
Balanced Chakra:
Promotes inner harmony and strength, contentment and letting go without melancholy.

Heart Chakra

Word: I love
Color: Green
Location: At the level of the heart
Balanced Chakra:
A balanced heart chakra promotes self-confidence, insight and clarity.


Throat Chakra

Word: I speak
Color: Blue
Location: Throat
Balanced Chakra:
When this chakra is balanced, communication skills, self-determination and independence are encouraged.

Brow Chakra

Word: I see
Color: Indigo blue
Location: Between the eyebrows
Balanced Chakra:
Harmonizes feeling power and harmony, activates love and love power.


Crown Chakra

Word: I understand
Color: Violet
Location: At the crown of the head
Balanced Chakra:
A balanced crown chakra empowers connection with the divine source. It supports perfect understanding and brings body, mind and spirit into harmony.


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